La Fondation

pour la Formation Hôtelière


Our aim is to promote excellence of education in the hospitality sector, and we do this in a number of ways, including providing guidance, advice and support on the design and development of effective teaching programmes and content, or providing in-house training courses for independent establishments that might otherwise lack the resources to invest in their people.

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To enrich the educational experiences of hospitality students in Eastern Europe, we provide grants that help create realistic work environments in educational institutions.

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Supporting Excellence in Hospitality Education

La Fondation pour la Formation Hôtelière is an independent charitable trust formerly based in Geneva and now registered in Zurich, Switzerland. Established in 1973, we have been committed to the education and training of those in the hospitality industry for over 40 years.

Working with partner institutions, which include hospitality and tourism schools, colleges and universities  as well as  international professional bodies, La Fondation provides practical assistance with hospitality training by awarding grants to improve facilities and offering assistance to teachers and trainers to  help safeguard the future of the hospitality sector in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Through our specialist training and teaching support activities, students and their teachers learn best practice
to foster co-operation between and amongst our partner institutions.  Furthermore, we promote and develop links between local institutions and the hospitality industry within our target area.

And while our history is steeped in the finest traditions of hospitality, we constantly look to adapt what we offer
so that it remains relevant to the needs of the future.


La Fondation seeks to work with its partner institutions for the organisation of seminars, conferences and  applied projects that meet the objectives and aims of the La Fondation and benefit the local industry.

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Through its grant giving activities, La Fondation seeks to provide practical assistance  to its partner institutions to help improve and enhance their teaching facilities for the benefit of the students, teachers and trainers.

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La Fondation sponsors an Annual Conference hosted by one of our partner instittutions, giving  delegates the opportunity to share their experiences, exchange ideas,  and network with other partner institutions.

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To enrich the educational experiences of hospitality students,  La Fondation provides  grant assistance to selected institutions to enable them to improve their facilities and working environments.

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Explore Our Case Studies

This compilation of several hundred international case studies, contributed from around the world, spans various global locations.Most of the cases focus on hospitality, tourism or events, with the majority of the contributions coming from FH partner institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

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