Our seminars are always delivered by specialists with knowledge of the latest practice, research and theories in the field. They play a crucial role in improving quality standards within the hospitality sector and creating new generations of professionals with the skills and knowledge to enjoy fulfilment and financial success within the industry.

We hold between 6 and 12  seminars annually in our target countries.

Our current seminar programme focuses on:

  • Business Culture
  • Business Ethics
  • Case Studies for Management of Education and Training
  • Culinary Art and International Guest Satisfaction
  • Destination Marketing focusing on local and specialised products
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Merchandising and Upselling: Food and Beverage matching
  • Hotel Operations, Tactics and Strategy (HOTS)
  • Revenue Management in Hotels and Restaurants
  • Service Quality and Cultural Dimensions of Service Quality
  • Service Quality and Successful SMEs

Our seminar programme is coordinated by:

Dr Elizabeth Ineson, Visiting Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University and Dr Kateryna Fedosova, Odesa National University of Technology

Marketing in the Hotel Industry + Workshop

Date: November 27th

Location: Virtual Seminar: Croatia

This seminar is a valuable addition to the continuous education of professionals in the hotel industry and contributes significantly to the understanding and application of contemporary marketing strategies in the hotel sector.

Sustainable Trends in the Restaurant Business (including zero waste gastronomy)

Development of a Restaurant Concept

Date: October 26th

location: Hungary

The "many nuances in Restaurant Management: Sustainable Trends" were eplored  and a lecture delivered on sustainable trends in the restaurant industry, encompassing zero-waste gastronomy. 

Trends in Food Design and Culinary Workshop

Influence of design and presentation of restaurant dishes on customers

Date: October 25th

Location: Hungary

Seminar explored trends in dish design and presentation with a culinary masterclass during which a Ukrainian dish known as Forshmak was showcased and prepared in five different presentation styles. The second part of the cuinary masterclass centred on zero waste desserts, encouraging participants to collaboratively create these delectable treats.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Trends in Restaurant Marketing

Deveopment of an Effective Restaurant Menu

Date: October 24th

Location: Hungary

Seminar covered a spectrum of topics in the restaurant industry and delved into the Artificial Intelligence reovolution.  Intriguing case studies and tips on menu development for restaurants were shared.

People/Talent Management

The Everchanging Environment for Recruitment, Retention and Productivity for Hospitality and Tourism

Date: October 18th

Location: Virtual Seminar - Ukraine

The seminar covered "People and Talent", the "cost of not having a People Plan" and the potential of workplace culture in delivering sustainable competitive advantages.  The session concluded by examining the history of personality tests, shedding light on their significance in understanding individuals' traits and characteristics.

Assessing People in the Workplace and Workshop

Self-Management & Development in HORECA & Tourism

Date: October 17th

Location: Virtual Seminar - Ukraine

Participants were given an insight into different types of intelligence (practical, analytical and emotional).  Delegates completed several engaging assignments, worked in teams during workshops and completed various practical tasks related to assessing hospitality personnel in the workplace.

Marketing and Event Management in the Restaurant Business and Workshop

Date: September 28th

Location: Virtual Seminar - Ukraine

Discussion on trends in marketing and event management in the restaurant business comprising both theoretical and practical components. This was followed by a workshop on October 9th covering a range of topics, including digital/smart marketing strategies, social smedia influencers, customer engagement, event planning, emotional intelligence versus artificial intelligence, technology trends, marketing plans and event management , including the "battle of the bartenders/chefs."

Marketing Trends and Artificial Ingelligence (AI) Revolution in Hotel and Restaurant Business

Generation Z and New Smart Professions in Hotel and Restaurant Business/Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution in Hotel and Restaurant Business

Date: May 12th

Location: Serbia

Insights were shared on the application of neural networks for predicting food and drink demand, personalizing offers and recommendations for guests, automating guest communication and other related tasks.  An overview was provided on 15 popular neural networks, including GPT Chat that can be used by individuals without specialized IT skills to create useful content in the form of texts, images, video and sound.  Recommendations were given on the practical application of of neural networks in the hotel and restaurant business, covering areas such as concept development, launching new projects, optimizing and managing restaurant menus, creating content for websites and social media, developing advertising campaigns, promoting brands and staff training.  

A workshop entitled "Generational Battle" facilitied discussions between Generation Z students and representatives from the X and Y generations allowing the sharing of thoughts on generational differences.

Ethics in Hospitality and Tourism Practice

Date: May 11th

Location: Serbia

Seminar focused on the ethical considerations and responsibilities faced by professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector, and provided insights into ethical decision-making processes.

Cultural Impacts on Hospitality and Tourism Management

Date: May 10th

Location: Serbia

Seminar focused on the influence of culture on the strategies and practices within the hospitality and tourism industry.

Marketing Trends and Artificial Ingelligence (AI) Revolution in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Generation Z and New Smart Professions in Hospitality and Tourism/Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Marketing Trends in Tourism and Hospitality

Date: April 14th

Location: Croatia

First part of seminar focused on the AI revolution and generational differences demonstrating how teachers and business professionals can utilize neural netorks and AI in their work. 

Second part of seminar covered the AI revolution and the possibilities of using neural networks in hospitality management.

Improving Communication Skills to become a better Hotelier/Restaurateur + Workshop

April 14th

Location: Croatia

Marketing Trends and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution in Tourism and Event Management

Date: April 11th

Location: Montenegro

The seminar included the AI revolution and the possibilities of using neural networks in hospitality and event management.

Globalization in the Restaurant Business and Changes in Consumer Behaviour/Workshops

Date: April 10th

Location: Montenegro

Sharing of case studies and project work with a focus on globalization and the AI revolution.  Workshops involved the generational differences and globalization - protection and popularization of the local restaurants in Montenegro and Montenegrin cuisine.